Why share affiliate links?

Participating in affiliate programs helps to support our Forever Free website users. These six tools, for example, add a plethora of critical functions meant to help website owners create their most powerful website ever. We consider them must-haves for WordPress websites.

INK_ ai Pro

INK_ is a content optimization editor that connects to your Google Analytics account, prompting you on content improvements needed to rank better on search engines. It works…we made the recommended content improvements on a key page, jumping from position 40+ all the way to #4 in Google Search, pretty much overnight. We’ve since refined our content, even more, to land multiple #1 global rankings for important keywords [they’re a secret]. 🙌🏼

Kadence Blocks Pro

Gutenberg blocks are great for getting started. Kadence blocks expand what’s possible, for small businesses, and designers too. Kadence Pro adds fantastic tools, especially for designers and businesses looking to wow visitors.

Social Warfare Pro

A staple of our WordPress sites, Social Warfare’s got a killer frame-buster feature. No more having others take the credit for your work.

RankMath Pro

We switched from Yeost WordPress SEO to RankMath at the recommendation of a colleague and haven’t looked back. RankMath provides on-page hints similar to that found in INK_, plus provides keyword data.

Early Stage Growth Playbook

Marc Thomas’s SaaS early growth startups playbook is incredibly well written, expertly organized, and easy to execute. That’s not marketing, that’s the truth… we’ve used it ourselves and highly recommend it for entrepreneurs looking to vet their business ideas.

WhiteSpark Citations

The days of spamming link submissions are over thank goodness. The modern approach is business profile creation on trusted websites…that are moderated. WhiteSpark provides profile creation services, known as Citations. on reputable websites. Currently, there are 105 such approved sites in Canada and 115 in the US. Have WhiteSpark do the legwork for you, and more.