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Why keep it simple, smarty?

I believe that trust sells. And, that transparency, clarity, and affinity remove barriers to trust. I also believe that keeping it simple, smarty, creates fertile grounds for trust-building.

Trust is the most critical communication element we see businesses overlook, pretty much every day. But, don’t take my word for it… consider the last 10 websites you visited…how many of them honestly earned your trust, or at least tried? If you signed up for something, did you use a throw-away email address? Many do.

Failure to earn trust is at the root of business failures. Thankfully, there is something you can do about it: keep it simple, smarty.

What does ‘keep it simple, smarty’ mean to us, and why does it help us gain trust?

  1. people don’t want to feel stupid: first-read comprehension is a result of using plain language and simplified sentences
  2. people like structure: follow the inverted pyramid style of writing used by journalists, for example
  3. people don’t want to be fooled: use imagery that is believable, professional, unfiltered, authentic
  4. people want to know what to do next: add a relevant call-to-action: Buy, Call, Download, Read…

Check out this “keeping it simple, smarty” example (not your industry, but you get the idea).

How do we demonstrate keeping it simple, smarty?

  1. make a claim: (example: sharpest knife, never dulls)
  2. qualify the claim: (example: made with high-tensile steel, doesn’t dent when struck with a ball-peen hammer)
  3. use quality images: high resolution, relatable to the end-user
  4. focus on the user: write conversational content for the individual to help them grasp benefits and anticipate outcomes
  5. prove the claim: back up claims with user testimonials, research studies, relevant manufacturing details, etc.
  6. manage client expectations: disclose delivery times, shelf life, re-order guidelines, etc.

In a nutshell, transparency, clarity, and simplicity help you earn your prospect’s trust, smarty.

Does this sound like a winning approach to you and your business communications?

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