Hire our webmasters to design your best website ever.

Professional, modern website design for leadgen, ecommerce, and more.

Design a new website, to win.

Optimize for SEO, to rank.

Connect HubSpot, to measure.

Launch an Online Store, to sell.

Our team of webmasters (based in Calgary, Canada) is happy to support you with modern website design, visual design, search engine optimization, content creation, copywriting, website migration, marketing training, and much more.

A new website, so easy, so fast.


Step 1: Sign Up

Signing up creates your user/admin account as well as a starter website.


Step 2: Hire Us

Our webmasters gather information, then work with you to design your website.


Step 3: Launch

To launch your site, we’ll connect your domain and work with you to maintain it.

No-Code Website Design

Our webmasters design beautiful websites for all types of businesses using professionally designed templates, or we’ll design a site specifically for you using WordPress, Kadence Blocks, and Instant Images. We’ll even help you nail the copywriting.


Ace SEO and Core Web Vitals

We’ll set up and connect Google Site Kit to view analytics within your website dashboard and optimize each page to rank better in search engines with RankMath SEO. Plus, wpSites is optimized to meet Google’s strict technical SEO guidelines.

Connect Your HubSpot Portal

You can connect to HubSpot’s CRM platform just by signing into your portal. Not on HubSpot? We can help. HubSpot has all the tools you need to qualify leads, accelerate sales, and streamline customer service…a perfect companion to your website. Or, we can connect other tools like MailChimp, Gravity Forms, and more.


Launch an Online Store

We can upload your products then set it up to help you sell across websites, social media, marketplaces, and even at live in-person locations.

Self-run websites tend to get dated…because business people have better things to do than worry about plugins. That’s at the core of why we offer this service…to free you up to do more important things.


Randy Milanovic
Design Lead

Randy’s a 30-year marketing veteran who oversees sales, marketing, visual design, and coaching efforts.


Paul Trieu
Operations Lead

Paul leads business operations and project management and has been with us for more than 20 years!


John Laprairie
Technical Lead

John leads our development efforts. He’d the new kid on our block having been developing projects with us since 2019.

I’m able to make website changes myself. The cost and time savings are really important and appreciated.

Heather Spurrell, The Rewilding Project

heather spurrell

Prefer to design your own website? Just sign up!

You’ll never need to worry about plugin updates, website security, or theme compatibility again. With our managed website platform, you can focus on your content without being distracted by the tech.

All the tools you need. Only the tools you need.

For all websites, we activate plugins for HubSpot (marketing, sales, and business management), Kadence Blocks (design and layout tools & templates), RankMath SEO (SEO tools), INK (AI-assisted copywriting), Social Warfare (social sharing), SiteShop (online store), and WebP (image optimization). Some tools permit upgrading to Pro versions.

Paid Subscriptions get additional advanced tools.

Header/Footer scripts, Sitekit by Google, and Instagram Feed, as well as specialized forms tools (Gravity Forms & ContactForm7) are activated upon request, and WPRocket is activated to optimize your site. Optionally connect your site to Cloudflare. And, request paid webmaster support or training at any time.

Managed website hosting and webmaster services.

We launched the initial version of our platform in 2009 to help clients avoid common security, stability, and performance issues that WordPress users experience. In a managed environment, the tech stack (theme, plugins, etc) is pre-installed and largely pre-configured, which is at the core of how we make sure your site is stable and secure. Since launching wpSites, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses, hobbyists, students, and non-profits build and maintain incredibly fast and stable websites.

For users who wish to modify the tech stack due to technical or strategic reasons, we offer managed stand-alone WordPress installations, including managed VPS environments outside of our managed website platform.

Can you work within my existing website?

Possibly. Our goal is to ensure your site is secure and stable. We’ll need to audit the tech stack and may recommend modifications before starting any work.


Budgets start at $1500. A project manager is assigned to review your request and recommend best practices, discuss budget considerations with you, and much more. Funds are in $USD.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
They are by far the best marketing professionals that I have worked with and the knowledge I have gained is immeasurable.
Balbi Family Law
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I’ve learned so much about website, CRM, marketing, and tons of business stuff too. It’s awesome to talk to an actual person!
Elle Organizing
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I recently had our new website rebuilt. Not only is it head and shoulders above anyone else in our industry, but clients love it.
Future Now Carpet Cleaning

Example Webmaster Projects

Migrate your website content, fast.

Migrate your current website’s content to your wpSites account.

Improve your website.

Technical improvements are made throughout the migration process, and obvious errors are corrected.

Common tasks include:

  • Port images & embedded media
  • Set up the landing page template
  • Review & address accessibility
  • Connect a Hubspot account
  • Set up mobile navigation
  • Port pages & posts
  • Style header & main navigation
  • Style footer & navigation
  • Set up website footer
  • Set up social sharing
  • Set theme colours
  • Set theme fonts
  • Set 301 redirects
  • General support

Sites migrated by our experts make the move simple and fast, allowingyou to focus on your marketing.

Transform your content, expertly.

Transform your content to more easily convert visitors.

Boost your business.

Strategic improvements are made and we begin incorporating a lead-qualification link strategy into your website.

Common tasks include:

  • Size and optimize hero images
  • Size and optimize inline images
  • Coach you on offer creation
  • Set up & style the blog template
  • Set up inside page sidebars
  • Set sidebar links that flowww*
  • Set up a visual CTA & link a LP
  • Set inline links that flowww
  • Set up widgets as required
  • Edit page title/subtitle/meta descriptions
  • Optimize media files
  • Set up HubSpot CRM
  • Set featured images
  • Style hero buttons
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