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The Art of Flowww Book

‘Flowww’ is a website adaptation of the widely accepted customer journey: Awareness, Consideration, Desire, and Action (ACDA). Visitors travel through your website viewing more pages, spending more time on-page, and becoming informed prospects. Best of all, they trust you more with every click.

Now available as an Audiobook 🔊 voiced by the talented Paul Boucher.

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It can be applied most effectively over multiple pages, and multiple flowwws can be applied within the same content, crafted to appeal to each visitor type.

In The Art of Flowww, author and marketer Randy Milanovic shares how website owners can convert the majority of website visitors into better customers or champion referrers.

Doing everything I can to help others grow and prosper is my reason for being on this earth. I know that when I die, having done so will make my life one worth living. And, that I will have responded with gusto to that voice in my head during the deepest and darkest moments of my stage IV cancer battle when I screamed out silently – and deafeningly – in my mind, “I haven’t accomplished enough yet!” – Randy Milanovic

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A word from the author

Over the past decade, I’ve encountered countless websites that ranged from not very useful, to downright terrible. That’s not only my observation but the website owners’ as well. Dissatisfaction with their website is exactly the reason they reach out.

It’s not their fault. A good number of websites were created by do-it-yourselfers and solopreneurs who don’t have the knowledge to create marketing materials or develop websites. And of course, an equal number are created by well-meaning – though novice – web designers. You could say, business owners, get what they pay for, but not what they wanted or needed.

I’d like to change that. Local businesses require powerful websites that help them generate quality leads and repeat customers. They need that more than ‘pretty or ‘new’. They need a website that works to inform – and qualify – their visitors. They need a website that they can run. They need a website that helps them attract quality customers.

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Randy Milanovic, founder

That’s why we created wpSites. Business owners must have better websites to have a fighting chance to succeed. As the cornerstone marketing and communication tool available, we can’t access good enough anymore.

We are committed to investing in helping small to medium businesses, students, and others achieve better outcomes from their website efforts. We’re doing this by…

  • providing a forever free option (upgrade later to access an advanced toolset, eCommerce, and custom domains)
  • reducing or eliminating ‘things’ that distract users from creating great content
  • reducing or eliminating the need for users to address the technical aspects of websites by installing, setting up, and then sandboxing critical technology, including the Site theme
  • eliminating the task/cost of technical website maintenance, even at the free level
  • improving the business and web marketing knowledge of key stakeholders through informative blog posts, downloads, documentation, and marketing coaching services
  • improving content quality leveraging artificial intelligence and proven content optimization tools
  • allowing our users to style their websites at the click of a button, without the need to know code or hire developers
  • optimizing our platform to modern technical SEO standards so users can focus on content optimization, links, and doing business instead of running their site
  • by putting user success, first.