Choosing the Right WordPress: Simple Guide to Self-Hosted vs. Managed
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Choosing the Right WordPress: Simple Guide to Self-Hosted vs. Managed

WordPress has changed how we create websites, making it easy for anyone to get started. Today, we’re going to help you choose between two main options: doing it yourself with a self-installed WordPress, or making things easier with a managed WordPress hosting service like wpSites or Let’s break it down.


Doing It Yourself: WordPress on Your Terms

What’s Great: Control

  1. You’re the Boss: Make your site look and work exactly how you want it to. If you’re feeling adventurous, the sky’s the limit.
  2. Save Money: This route can be kinder to your wallet, especially if you know your way around technology.
  3. Freedom to Choose: Pick from a wide variety of add-ons and themes to add extra features to your site.

What’s Not So Great: Risk and Responsibility

  1. Security is Your Job: Keeping your site safe from hackers is on you. This means regular check-ups and updates.
  2. Upkeep Takes Time: Just like a garden, your website needs regular care to keep it running smoothly. Labour costs are real.
  3. There’s a Learning Curve: WordPress is user-friendly, but it takes time to learn all the ropes.
  4. Fix Your Own Problems: If something breaks, you’ll need to fix it, which might mean learning on the fly or hiring help.
  5. Speed is in Your Hands: Making sure your site runs fast is your responsibility, and it can be tricky.

Managed WordPress Hosting: Let the Experts Handle It

What’s Great: Security and Stability

  1. Top-Notch Security and Speed: Professionals work behind the scenes to keep your site safe and fast.
  2. Easy to Use: These platforms are user-friendly, and there’s help available if you run into issues.
  3. Ready for Growth: As your site gets more popular, managed hosting can handle the extra visitors with ease.
  4. They Take Care of the Basics: Say goodbye to worrying about updates and backups; they’ve got it covered.

What’s Not So Great: Limits

  1. You Have Less Control: There are some limits to what you can do, as the experts have set rules to keep everything running smoothly.
  2. Flexibility Can Be Limited: While you have a lot of options, some customizations might be off-limits.
  3. You Depend on Them: Your site’s health is in their hands, and if they have issues, you might too. Thankfully, they’ll have the know-how to address issues fast.
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Costs and Effort: What to Expect

Doing WordPress Yourself

  • Setup Costs: Generally cheaper, but you’ll need to understand the technologies and how to set them up effectively.
  • Your Time and Effort: Be ready to spend time configuring, maintaining, and fixing technical issues with your site. If things get tricky, you might need to pay for expert help.

Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Subscription Costs: You’ll pay a monthly or annual fee, but many helpful features and services are included.
  • Your Time and Effort: Save time and worry less with experts taking care of the technical stuff so you can focus on your content.

Making Your Choice

Both options have their ups and downs. Doing it yourself with WordPress gives you freedom to do anything, but it also means more responsibility and risk. On the other hand, managed WordPress hosting comes with a subscription fee, but offers a hassle-free experience with lots of support. Your decision should be based on what’s more important to you: saving money and having control, or saving time and getting help.