Comparing HubSpot CRM vs Dynamics CRM in WordPress

Customer relationship management (CRM) functionality is at the top of the list when it comes to designing a modern website. This HubSpot CRM vs Dynamics CRM comparison should help you decide what’s best for your business.

From forms and contact optimization to chatbot operation and analytics, you need software to meet all your requirements. Integrated CRM software should be a priority if you have a WordPress website. Business owners choose HubSpot over Microsoft Dynamics 365 to get more out of their websites and to increase their efficiency.

Let’s look at the differences between the two.

Dynamics Forecasting
HubSpot Deal Cards

HubSpot CRM vs Dynamics CRM

HubSpot CRM Software Suite

It has been around since 2002. Today, it is popular because of the free customer database software, which is user-friendly.

CRM Features

You get detailed reports on your sales activity, productivity, and individual performance from HubSpot CRM. You have excellent contact management, forms, pop-ups, live chat and chatbots, and simple email automation.

Built-in analytics are offered to help you identify which sources bring the most conversions while assessing the progress of your marketing team. The software allows you to work with up to one million contacts, which opens up virtually unlimited possibilities.

CRM Ease-Of-Use

HubSpot designed an intuitive CRM, which teams actually use. The biggest issue with CRM software is that teams neglect it because it requires a high level of learning and inconvenience. This is not the case with HubSpot. Even if you haven’t seen HubSpot before, you should easily understand how to use it.

CRM Implementation

The HubSpot CRM is easy to implement. It only takes one click to install the HubSpot All-In-One Marketing plugin (pre-installed in wpSites). You will have direct access to HubSpot’s free CRM software and the features that come with it.

CRM Deal and Contact Reporting

HubSpot uses a dashboard reporting method. From the Reporting Dashboard, you’ll see many reports, including:

  1. Total Contacts: This shows the total number of contacts stored in the HubSpot CRM.
  2. Total Leads: Displays the total number of leads generated from your marketing campaigns and activities.
  3. Conversion Rate: This report shows the rate at which visitors are converted into customers.
  4. Lead Sources: View which sources have produced the highest volume of leads for your business.
  5. Average Deal Value: Get an overview of the revenue each deal has brought to your company on average.

You can customize your dashboard by adding, editing, or removing reports based on your business needs.

Software Pricing

HubSpot CRM is free. There are three paid levels that extend or remove limits, graduating up based on your organization’s size and complexity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft has been releasing CRM products since 2003. As a result, Microsoft Dynamics 365 – released in 2016 – became a highly sought-after CRM solution for companies all over the world.

CRM Features

Like HubSpot, you get detailed reports about your sales activity, productivity, and individual performance. The contact management in Dynamics is excellent.

Built-in analytics are available to help you identify which sources bring the most conversions while assessing the progress of your sales and marketing teams.

CRM Ease-of-Use

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed for advanced users, who should have experience with CRM systems. It’s powerful, though isn’t the easiest to use.

CRM Implementation

You can get access to all Microsoft Dynamics 365 features by installing Dynamics 365 Integration plugin for WordPress.

CRM Deal and Contact Reporting

Reports are provided for all data contained within the software. You can use standard reporting and create ad-hoc reports.

As with HubSpot, Dynamics 365 provides dashboard reporting. The dashboard provides details about the company’s Key Performance Indicators. As part of the forecasting features, there are sales revenue projections, analysis of market trends and surveys, and a salesperson’s estimates. With Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Cortana Intelligence, predictive analytics are built in.

Software Pricing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides various pricing options. Packages cost an average of about $100 per user. A free trial is available for the software and there is no free version beyond the trial. Depending on what features and functionality you need, you may wish to subscribe to additional products.

Which CRM is Best For Your Organization?

Both plugins are easy to integrate into your WordPress website. Microsoft Dynamics is powerful but has a somewhat outdated feel and inconsistent UI. Meanwhile, the HubSpot CRM is powerful, easy to use, and free.

Consider HubSpot CRM if your business is straightforward (that’s most of us). HubSpot has all the CRM options you’ll need while saving you a substantial amount of money. Plus HubSpot incorporates all the service, automation, and marketing tools most businesses will ever need.

On the flip side, if your business is complex and multi-layered, you may need the extra team management and reporting features of Dynamics.

Need some guidance?

wpSites is supported by our parent company, Kayak Marketing, a Hubspot Solutions Partner agency since 2011. They can help you determine if HubSpot makes sense for your company. Kayak’s goal is to make sure you have the best CRM solution, even if it’s not Hubspot. If HubSpot is it, Kayak can help you onboard to Hubspot effectively.