As an NFT creator, do I need a website or blog site?

Yes, you need a website. We discuss why along with what’s actually needed to get set up for success with your own site as an NFT creator. I’ve just entered the NFT space though am a 20-year veteran in the marketing and web space. I give practical advice, without the hype.

As an NFT creator, having a website is key to storytelling, displaying, and selling your work. It’s also a great way to build your brand and connect with fans and collectors. But with so many options out there, it can be tough to know where to start.

We make it easy to get started with a website that’s tailored for NFT creators. Our platform is fast, secure, and easy to use – perfect for displaying your work in the best light. Plus, we have a team of experts on hand to help with anything you need, from setting up your website to maintaining it over time.

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Getting ourselves set for business website success, we’ll need

  • a social media presence where we can build a community of trust through interaction and mutual sharing (keep in mind that we do not own our presence on social media).
  • a website where we have complete control over our storytelling, artwork, message, and future.
  • a platform to conduct our business, such as SuperRare, OpenSea, etc. as well as our own billing/invoicing system, such as Stripe.
  • some guidance in making it all work together

A social media presence helps us build a community

In the world of marketing, social media is known as “earned” media. It’s the result of the time and effort we put into getting to know other creators, NFT buyers, and those who share our work to give it greater exposure. Along with all the good things social media tools provide that help us build a presence, comes the reality that the platform is in control, not us. An algo tweak, policy change, or bad report can lead to the suspension or deletion of our accounts. In essence, erasure. For those with edgier work, it can be a game of Russian Roulette.

A website to call our own and a place to put our things

In the world of marketing, your website is very much like of office or studio. The thing you own…fully mobile and always open. You have full control there, along with the responsibility of running your business professionally. Add or remove content, and edit as you wish.

A platform to conduct business on

Which platform we chose to start with is up to us. Many newcomers to the NFT space first discover the OpenSea marketplace, and with that are introduced to Crypto Wallets and Gas fees that may challenge us as we learn to utilize the new tech. There are many other marketplaces, including SuperRare, Rarible, Foundation, and Mintable, to name just a few. Each has its own terms of service, pricing, and service structure, so I recommend doing your research. As in any transaction, there are contracts. The marketplaces generally provide one, though you can get your own as well, tailored to your own needs.

Some guidance to get us where we want to go

NFTs are new territory. It’s an emerging market. Very few people fully grasp what’s possible, what’s best practice, and what’s acceptable given there aren’t a lot of rules. For many, it’s an exploration.

Some good news…the NFT creator community is one of the most open and collaborative I have ever encountered. Most look at each other as peers, not competitors – largely because art is largely subjective – and valuable for different reasons to different people. There are leaders in the space of course, though no actual barriers to becoming a leader yourself, outside of putting in the effort.

If we’re starting or improving our business, getting set up properly at that level is equally important. Talk to an accountant. Get a GST number (in Canada). Pay taxes. That keeps us out of trouble with the feds.

Milk River, from Writing on Stone – A UNESCO World Heritage Site – by Randy Milanovic

As an NFT creator, what do I need in a website?

A very fast website with a gallery to display our art, secure access, expert tools, and maintenance of the tech. That’s where wpSites comes in of course. The whole reason we create this platform was to give small businesses (like NFT creators) access to a pro-level website for free (which never expires) or for a small fee (annual). The difference lies in what website tools you have access to.

Rather than promises of riches, our experts have engineered a platform, and pre-selected / pre-configured all of the most important tools (and nothing else) needed to create and reliably operate a professional website. Users receive a handful of emails containing tips on how to operate their website, along with the tools, and no spam. Users can opt into boot camps if they feel a need to boost their progress.

We believe in keeping it simple, smarty. Why don’t you join us today?