Why create an alternative to Shopify?

Shopify is a powerful platform. Without a doubt. We just do a few things better for store owners.

1. Omnichannel Selling: sell anywhere you want to be

SiteShop and Shopify have similar online store functionality that enables merchants to sell on social sites and marketplaces like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and eBay. It’s a draw.

2. Fast Implementation: start selling very quickly

Getting started with a Shopify store requires a lot of manual work with no demo products, covers, or automation…only placeholders and instructions. SiteShop stores do the work for you. Our technology partner has been recognized for having the shortest go-live time out of all e-commerce platforms. ☞ SiteShop Wins

3. Global Selling: 50+ languages and payment systems supported

Shopify’s language capabilities are limited, reliant on 3rd party apps and manual translations. SiteShop has over 50 built-in languages and multi-language capabilities. ☞ SiteShop Wins

4, Site-Builder Compatible: WordPress plugin or embed anywhere

Shopify only works on its own platform, so merchants are limited to their site builder and coding language. SiteShop plugs into any CMS, including HubSpot and WordPress. ☞ SiteShop Wins

5. Ease-of-Use: no-code import products, store setup, and launch

Shopify is relatively straightforward but can require more advanced skills to set up, particularly when it comes to visual design. SiteShop gets merchants set up in minutes, no developer or coding knowledge is required. ☞ SiteShop Wins

6. Core Features: everything you need is built in, extend with popular integrations

A large number of Shopify’s features are through app integrations, each at an additional subscription cost. All of SiteShop’s main features are built into the core platform. Apps are available as enhancements but are not required. ☞ SiteShop Wins

7. Zero Transaction Fees: pay only for the subscription, there’s no penalty for success

Shopify requires merchants to use their payments system or pay a 2% transaction fee. SiteShop doesn’t charge transaction fees and allows merchants to select from over 50 international payment gateways such as Stripe and PayPal. ☞ SiteShop Wins

Learn more about why SiteShop is a solid alternative to BigCommerce and WooCommerce as well.

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